Writers may possibly not have impressive checkbooks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t really create great times. Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date an author:

1. Authors can woo you with words. In case the really love language is actually terms of affirmation, you’re in fortune. Experts will find several thousand strategies to tell you how much cash they care.

2. People can stroke your own ego. Maybe you’ll become the lady muse. Possibly he’s going to thank you in a book commitment. Maybe you’ll become a sounding panel for brand new ideas.

3. Cash does not matter. Date an author and you will be matchmaking an individual who does their work because she or he enjoys it, maybe not in an effort to get wealthy.

4. People visit fascinating events with interesting folks. Prepare yourself to socialize with fascinating intellectuals and painters — in order to move your eyes at a few pretentious individuals.

5. Article authors usually have flexible schedules.

6. Most people can compose from anywhere. When you’re worried that your particular work might take you to France, your new man or girl can be (effortlessly) persuaded to become listed on you.

7. Authors provide special and considerate viewpoints on some subject areas.

8. Article authors often enjoy solitude and don’t require an active personal existence to prosper.

9. Related to #8, after a lengthy day’s authorship, your presence shall be a pleasant air of outdoors.

10. Article authors tend to be smart. Some are hilariously witty. Others tend to be trivia nerds. You will probably grab certain brand new terms, haphazard facts, or a deeper gratitude for several subjects when spending some time with one.

11. Article authors tend to be open guides, using their minds to their sleeves, and able to articulate their own thoughts and feelings (no less than written down) eloquently.

12. Authors tend to be imaginative problem solvers.

13. Authors manage criticism and getting rejected daily. They learn to smartly determine constructive feedback and persevere in a down economy. Authors don’t throw in the towel effortlessly.

14. Experts can multitask, balancing assignments, pitches and personal tasks.

15. Love emails won’t have spelling errors included. Neither will grocery lists.