Reader matter:

I have been watching this person for approximately monthly and neither of us had used the term love. One-night as soon as we were talking about telephone, suddenly the guy mentioned out of nowhere „This is why Everyone loves you.“ That isn’t the way i’d imagine you might tell some body for the first time that you like all of them. I was uncertain the way I felt my self and that I had not been prepared to say it back once again to him.

Absolutely nothing ended up being the same after that between united states. Later on I inquired him about it in which he stated the guy didn’t remember stating it, but i understand he did. We have been not with each other.

Exactly how must I have handled that circumstance?

-Becka (Tx)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Oh, nice, nice Becka. Hindsight is actually 20/20, is not it? First, just remember that , inside our restricted English language, love has its own definitions. We like a cute gown, we actually love our very own mothers and we really love our very own men.

When your guy uttered „i really like you,“ it actually was a response. The guy supposed to state „like“ since it was too soon to feel real love, anyhow. But if you delivered it up, it should have scared him off. He discovered which he had used a powerful phrase too early.

Just what exactly in case you have accomplished? Dismissed his terms. Check for love as a couple of steps, not one foolish word. By-the-way, the top lay men inform women is actually „I like you“ to get intercourse. Their measures speak louder than their words.

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